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About Tireweb Analytics

In today's hyper-competitive market, understanding your customer's preferences and habits is pivotal. Tireweb Analytics delves deep, revealing precise insights into customer searches, buying patterns, and motivations. Empower your decisions with data-driven clarity.

Order Builder

Use the Analytics Order Builder to identify gaps in your inventory and get suggestions on products to stock in order to fill those gaps.  Tailored specifically for your company, this tool takes the guesswork out of restocking. By analyzing your sales data, it suggests a curated order of products that ensures you never miss a sale.  Our advanced algorithms analyze your company's sellout data, evaluating each product's performance based on sales dollars and units. Products are ranked dynamically, and have predetermined stock levels aligned with their classification. Avoid overstocking or understocking, and keep your inventory finely tuned to meet demand.

Point of Sale (PoS) Analytics

Gain deeper understanding of your customer purchasing behavior, monitor order history, track purchases, and analyze program performance.  Our PoS analytics provides a quick overview of your company's performance while allowing you to "dig deep" at any time to get to the individual data comprising the whole of your business.  Whether you’re looking to boost sales, optimize inventory, or enhance customer loyalty, our tools provide the insights you needto succeed.

Comprehensive Reporting

Build comprehensive reports for your management and sales staff to make intelligent decisions.  Reports can be tailored specifically to your business and staff needs and can be as in depth as you need them to be.  Whether it's a quick one liner or a detailed spread sheet chocked-full of numbers, we can build and deliver to your individual specifications.

Tireweb Search Analytics

Identify what your customers are searching for on your website and what motivates their buying decisions. Tireweb Analytics' Business Intelligence Specialists can work with you to identify the drivers behind your customers buying habits and provide dynamic pricing and offers tailored to individual customers to maximize sales.