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B2B Ecommerce Platform for Tire Wholesalers.

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About Tireweb Wholesale

Established in 2001, Tireweb has consistently set the bar high in the tire industry with unmatched innovation and service. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in Tireweb Wholesale, the trusted choice for most tire wholesalers in North America. As market demands evolve, so does our platform, ensuring we stay at the forefront, delivering optimal solutions for every unique business need.

Key Benefits

Seamless Integration


Easily integrates with most major point of sale systems in the industry for inventory and pricing.

Customized B2B Website


Craft a unique online presence tailored to your business requirements.

24/7 Inventory Access


Empower retailers with 24/7 access to view inventory and pricing.

Streamlined Order Processing


Automate order processing for quicker and error-free transactions.

Foreign Warehouse


Display inventory from partner warehouses.

Robust API Integration


Seamlessly connect with various systems through our connection center API."

Comprehensive Product Listings


Offer a holistic inventory - from tires and wheels to auto parts.

Tireweb Library & Fitment Guide


Ensure informed decisions with our extensive Tireweb library and vehicle fitment guide.

Mobile Accessibility


Enable dealers to access, view, and order on-the-go with your own dedicated mobile app.

Some of our clients

Direct Integration to your Point of Sale Software

Tireweb Wholesale connects to all major point of sale systems for accurate inventory and pricing, and automated order processing. We support all major Point of Sale systems including older legacy systems and the latest cloud-based software systems. Where possible, we utilize secure API connections with your software, meaning your website data is always accurate and inventory is committed immediately once an order is placed.

Tireweb Wholesale Partner POS Systems

Other POS Integrations for Tireweb Wholesale

About Treadmart

Catering specifically to the unique needs of sub-wholesalers, Treadmart bridges the gap between wholesalers and tire retailers. Born from our extensive experience with Tireweb Wholesale, Treadmart is tailored to optimize B2B operations outside the traditional retail environment. Collaborating seamlessly with Tireweb Distributors, this platform empowers every user to access real-time inventory and pricing details.

Key Benefits for You (The Sub-Wholesaler)

Online Ordering Simplified

A streamlined online ordering service at your fingertips.

Customized Access for Clients

Provide each of your clients with secure access to view tire inventory.

Tailored Branding

Craft a unique digital presence with a customizable home page.

User-Friendly Design

Intuitive by design, making operations and maintenance a breeze.

Benefits for Your Customers (Tire Retailers)

Autonomous Pricing Control

Retailers set their own markups, giving them financial autonomy.

Digital Inventory Display

Seamless integration allows for tire inventory display on retailer websites.

Transparent Inventory Insights

Access to real-time tire inventory and pricing, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication.

Independence and Efficiency

Empower your clients with the ability to fetch crucial information without having to contact you directly.

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