Tireweb Retail

The Ultimate Custom Retail Experience for Tire Dealers.

Step into the Future of Tire Retail!

Why Choose a Custom Site Over Templates

In a digital age, your website is your storefront. While template websites offer simplicity, they lack the uniqueness that sets you apart. With Tireweb Retail, you don't just get a website; you get a tailored online experience reflecting your brand's identity, ensuring your customers recognize and resonate with your distinctiveness.

About Tireweb Retail

Navigate the digital transformation of the tire industry effortlessly with Tireweb Retail (formerly known as Ezytire). A comprehensive platform designed for tire dealers, it brings together real-time inventory, seamless checkouts, scheduling, and much more, all under one digital roof. Embrace an ecommerce experience that mirrors your in-store ethos, combined with the efficiency of online operations.

Key Features and Benefits

Integrated Inventory System


Never miss a sale with real-time inventory connectivity to your Point of Sale system or supplier inventory, ensuring customers see your up-to-date stock and pricing.

Effortless Shopping Cart Experience


Empower customers with 24/7 shopping. From credit cards to modern payment solutions like Paypal, Affirm, Koalafi, and Google/Apple payments, offer diverse payment options.

Promotions & Coupons


Boost sales with enticing coupons, either direct from manufacturers or your custom ones.

Comprehensive Control Panel


Have the reins to your online storefront. Update content, manage promotions, or tweak design elements with ease.

Optimized for Mobile


Ensure your customers have a seamless experience, whether on desktop or mobile. Accessibility, anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Design


Every Tireweb Retail site resonates with your brand's essence. Say goodbye to generic looks; hello to personalized flair.

Toolbox & CMS


A one-stop hub for managing content, rebates, pricing, orders, and more. And if you're ever time-crunched, our support team is here to assist.

Advanced Scheduling


Optimize appointment bookings with a multi-store system, SMS/email reminders, and API-integrated third-party scheduler syncing.

Wheels Integration


Enhance the browsing experience with a Wheel Visualizer, integrated vendor support, and bundled tire-wheel packages.

Payments, Shipping, Social, and SEO


Stay versatile with diverse payment gateways, drop-ship delivery options, active social networking, and a robust SEO presence.

Expansive Tireweb Library


Grant users unparalleled tire information, from features and benefits to 360-degree high-res imagery.

Why Tireweb Retail Stands Out

What sets Tireweb Retail apart? It begins with a bespoke website design, tailored to echo your brand's essence. Dive deeper, and you'll find seamless integrations across multiple platforms, ensuring real-time inventory sync with both your stock and that of your suppliers. Navigating the ecommerce checkout is a breeze for customers, while behind the scenes, you're backed by a dedicated support team with extensive industry experience, ensuring that your online retail operations run smoothly.

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